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Fad Diets

Jenny CraigThere is a certain pattern used when advertising weight loss products, equipment or plans. The two big brands that stand out are Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. I could never understand why people would pay money to have a consultation with someone to help them lose weight. I do agree many people need that extra help to lose weight and I would not fault them for pursuing these programs.

My question is what if you try to help yourself first before you flush money down the toilet on these fad diet plans. I wanted to join the roofers union in my city but I was to heavy so I had to lose weight quickly. My cousin owned a local catering company that I would help him with to make some extra money but it also gave me another excuse to eat. So I had to move away from that as I was personally inspired by someone who took complete control of their life and I followed suit, the results were amazing.


Fast Food Epidemic

Big MacAmerica is constantly dealing with childhood obesity and the fight continues. It can be hard for parents to have a certain diet setup for their children especially if they are picky eaters. The worst part is we have no control outside of the home, school is a big one but they are getting better. Sure we might get the breakfast and lunch menu sent home to us, but let’s face fact’s, our kids are eating tons of processed foods. I’m not saying our school systems should implement professional Hamilton catering services with a 5 star menu but it could definitely be better.

Most children are not into any kind of physical activity this will most certainly
add to the obesity epidemic. Parents should be educated on how to incorporate more daily healthy eating choices and to encourage more physical activity.


Personal Journey


We all have those moments when we look at ourselves and say “I am going to start working out this week, this month, this year.” When you look at the big picture you will keep on prolonging it and never get to it at all. Life is hectic and we always have busy schedules which can be problematic at times. But would you take the time to make a transformation to better your life and health? That is the question that most of us face every day when it comes to weight loss. This article will touch on the things we face on a weight loss journey.

Stories of weight loss happy in ever walk of life, people from different professions fight almost every day. You may be a doctor, construction worker, school teacher or even a professional athlete, the battle is real.


Work Hard, Play Hard


Some people like to take the easy way out in life, we will never understand why? Is it because they want instant gratification, fast results, what is the rush with life and why can’t some of us be patient. The work and the time you put in wanting things to happen so fast you could have worked on whatever it is you want to change in your life.

The inspiration behind this article comes from a local limousine owners wife. I knew her personally and I witnessed first hand her weight loss transformation. This article will touch on her hard work and dedication. It took her a year to get there, but she does prove you can accomplish anything you want.