Jenny CraigThere is a certain pattern used when advertising weight loss products, equipment or plans. The two big brands that stand out are Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. I could never understand why people would pay money to have a consultation with someone to help them lose weight. I do agree many people need that extra help to lose weight and I would not fault them for pursuing these programs.

My question is what if you try to help yourself first before you flush money down the toilet on these fad diet plans. I wanted to join the roofers union in my city but I was to heavy so I had to lose weight quickly. My cousin owned a local raleigh catering company that I would help him with to make some extra money but it also gave me another excuse to eat. So I had to move away from that as I was personally inspired by someone who took complete control of their life and I followed suit, the results were amazing.

I will admit I am guilty of wanting to lose weight quick and easy with no kind of work or effort being put into it. Looking for these results, I had seen all the commercials advertising weight loss shakes, fad diet plans, workout machines that magically melts fat away. I was hooked and wanted to lose weight but I didn’t have the money to afford any of it.

Than one night I came across a commercial of a lady telling her story about trying all the fad diets, the shakes, etc. They did help but she started gaining her weight back double. Now I know everyone is different, but this woman was on TV advertising her workout plan.

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She shared her story about all the fad diets she tried, and all the weight loss shakes and stuff. She actually came up with her own weight loss regime that she wanted to share it with the world. What made her different from the rest all you had to do was follow her on one of her social media platforms and sign up for her daily chats and pay a one-time fee of 20 and that’s it. She would share her secrets on how she lost the weight and how she did it.

When I had seen this I was excited yet still skeptical about it until I signed up and learned some of her tricks. Her daily chats was a community of people sharing their stories of triumph and hard work. All you had to do was attend one of her daily chats and implement some of the strategies on working out and eating better. What tickles me is that I only had to pay 20 dollars to hear all her secrets to success. I still participate in the daily chats I love providing help and sharing my success story. Her knowledge was priceless and when it came to losing weight and eating better, she made it seem so easy. Once you stop overthinking things and have that motivation nothing can stop you.

Everyone is different and may choose what they want to do when comes to these fad diets. I made my choice to educate myself first and take the leap of faith and it has paid off. It ultimately boils down to one person and that one person is YOU. No matter what you have to invest in yourself do it! You will be happy with the new you.