Big MacAmerica is constantly dealing with childhood obesity and the fight continues. It can be hard for parents to have a certain diet setup for their children especially if they are picky eaters. The worst part is we have no control outside of the home, school is a big one but they are getting better. Sure we might get the breakfast and lunch menu sent home to us, but let’s face fact’s, our kids are eating tons of processed foods. I’m not saying our school systems should implement professional¬†Hamilton catering services with a 5 star menu but it could definitely be better.

Most children are not into any kind of physical activity this will most certainly
add to the obesity epidemic. Parents should be educated on how to incorporate more daily healthy eating choices and to encourage more physical activity.

Nobody said it was going to be easy to convince your child/children to eat more veggies or more fruit. As a parent this will be a battle for many many years for some. The best thing to do is incorporate fruits and veggies in their diets when they are younger preferably toddlers. This is something most parents know already, but I just wanted to touch base on it really quick. Now, if they are older and still fight to eat their fruit and veggies this is where it can be a war between you and your child.

Most parents have their own way of getting children to eat more fruits and veggies. I was once overweight and had bad eating habits and sadly it passed down to my young daughter. I watched how my bad habits affected my daughter and her weight.  Due to rising health issues I had to switch my whole lifestyle and eating habits. This is where everything changed in my household no more of the unhealthy foods, and more exercising.

My daughter watched me as I incorporated more fruits and veggies in my diet and she was hesitant at first, but she wanted to try it too. She seen how I worked out every day and stayed active. On the weekends we started to go for walks for 30 minutes. On her school days she would tell me how she ran around at recess or what games she played in her gym class. I seen how everything I was doing was affecting her in a good way now. She wanted more salads rather than french fries. She slowly dropped all the bad things and picked up healthy habits and it transitioned to school. Click Here for Healthy Eating Tips

There is nothing greater than when you can have a positive effect on your child, and see the results from what he/she has learned from you. It is hard changing your eating style and becoming more active in your busy life. But when you change yourself you make a bigger impact on your children because they look up to you. If you are lazy and eat badly they will too. Everything we do and how we do it affects them and shapes the individuals they become. It can be hard at first nothing is ever easy, but the outcome is the best feeling you can ever imagine remember you did it not only for yourself, but for your child/children.