Some people like to take the easy way out in life, we will never understand why? Is it because they want instant gratification, fast results, what is the rush with life and why can’t some of us be patient. The work and the time you put in wanting things to happen so fast you could have worked on whatever it is you want to change in your life.

The inspiration behind this article comes from a special friend and role model of mine, an awesome guy named Paul Maddalena who owns a digital marketing agency. He taught me what it is like to build something from the ground up similar to building muscles in the gym (which he taught me as well). Paul had a cousin who also owned a successful business and I eventually became good friends with his wife. I got to know her personally and I witnessed first hand her weight loss transformation. This article will touch on her hard work and dedication. It took her a year to get there, but she does prove you can accomplish anything you want.

Nobody ever said that life would be easy, getting a job will be easy, losing weight will be easy. Anything you want in life you have to work for it and push to achieve it. I knew this woman she was always talking about how she wanted to lose weight, she continued eating horribly and did not try to exercise at all. She was comfortable at her desk job, which meant she was not active and remained immobile for long periods of time.

One day her life changed, she went for a routine check-up and when she got weighed she started to cry. She was 31 weighing 235 pounds which was putting a strain on her heart and her knees. Plus on top of that she was borderline high blood pressure. She did expect her health to deteriorate at such a young age. She was young and she knew it was time for a change in. She started off by eliminating all the bad food she used to devour. She stop snacking on junk food late at night, she stop drinking soda and drunk nothing but water. Since her schedule for work wasn’t that hectic she was in the gym every day.

It took her a year to shed the pounds and she worked her butt off to do it. At the age of 32 she has went from 235 to 170 pounds. In total she lost 65 pounds and she is loving the body that she has worked hard to get. Many people may not think that is a lot of weight she lost, 170 pounds may still be considered heavy. The point is she worked hard and was dedicated to transform herself and to better her health with a simple lifestyle change. This is the first time that she has ever been in the 100 pound range, so she is adjusting to this new size.

Not only did this woman stay dedicated to her weight loss journey she remained strong. With many temptations constantly in her way she conquered the cravings. There were times where she wanted to give up and eat those bad foods she gave up. Her will power stayed intact and she fought through it all.

When you want to accomplish something and you put your heart, your soul, your everything in it you will win. You can do whatever you want in life, losing weight, getting a house, owning your own business, sky is the limit.

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